Guest List

The following is a list of confirmed attendees excluding currently serving 408 Squadron members:

Mrs. Erin RaineyLCol (Ret’d) Harley Rogers

Fred and Bess Ayers
Mr. Peter Bachinsky
Mr. John Bain
Mr. Brett Banadyga
Mr. Drew Barnes
Mrs. Kimberly Barnes
Mr. Terrence Bayrock
Capt. Les Beothy
Mr. Mathieu Bergeron
Mr. Yves Bolduc
Mr. Ben Boutin
Mr. Cory Buerger
Ms. Gina Burton
Ms. Maureen Carpenter
Mr. David Cartwright
Mr. Robin Chartier
Ms. Tressa Clarke
Mr. Howie Cook
LCol (Ret’d) Allan Cooper
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lucy Cuthill
Mr. David Davies
C. Dawson
Mr. Cam Dutnall
Col (Ret’d) Dan Edgar and Mrs. Wendy Edgar
Mr. Alfread Ellis
Mr. Alvin Ellis
Andie, Cassidy and Brennan Gallagher
Mr. Jean-Louis Gallant
Mr. Jim Gilmour
Mr. Donald Haberstock
Mr. Ken Harrison
Capt. Colleen Hill
Mr. Keith Johnston
Mr. Ron Krueger
Col. (Ret’d) Charles Leake
Ms. Virgina LeFurgey
Mr. Erwin Loewen
LCol Roderick MacDonnell
Mr. Jean-Pierre Mainville
Mr. Scott McLeish
Mr. Keith McQuarrie
Mr. Andrew Michener
MGen Meinzinger
Mr. Russell & Mrs Patricia Morphy
Mr. Sean Murphy
WO Pat Nixon
J’Lyn Nye
Mr. Jim Parker
Lorne Parker
Mr. Pierre Poulin
Mr. Clarence Rainey
Mr. Brett Banadyga
Susan & Elizabeth Rayner
Mr. Derek Ruddock
Mr. Mike Scott
Mr. Drew Semper
Mr. Brett Seymour
Mr. Lloyd Sherk
Maj. Phil Shilling
Mr. Ken Sorfleet
Mr. Pat Sterr
Mr. Robert Story
Mr. John Swallow
Mr. William Tait
Col. (Ret’d) Randall Wakelam
Mr. Bart West
Mr. Curtis Wetyk
Capt (Ret’d) Robert Whitley
Mr. Dave Yves

The above list is not necessarily comprehensive. If you have registered and are not on the list within one week please contact us and let us know.